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RIP Solrpac. Welcome MULtifacet

Because we didn’t want to be the very last folks to release one of those fancy Solr-based catalogs/indexes, I’m happy to announce the availability of MULtifacet:

from the README

MULtifacet is a Drupal 5 module that wraps a UI around an arbitrary Solr index. It shares many features with other Solr-based OPAC projects, including faceted search results, SMS/email output, RefWorks integration, user tagging, saving/exporting of records, RSS feeds, Zotero support, Google Books images/linking, “more like this”, formatted citation output (via the WorldCat API), COinS, unAPI, etc.

While developed for, and initially targeted at, library collections, there’s no reason it couldn’t put a UI on other Solr indexes that need similar features.

This module is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3. Other external libraries are provided with their accompanying licenses.

MULtifacet is developed by Miami University Libraries.

It feels good to finally get this out there, even if it already needs to be upgraded for Drupal 6. Dale Askey’s column in the most recent code4lib journal hit close to home 😉

Be watching for the release of some great indexing and MARC-munging tools from Ross Shanley-Roberts, a colleague here at Miami University….great stuff. We might even get some of that into googlecode this afternoon.

Another team of folks have done a much needed round of usability testing on this project’s previous incarnation, and we’re looking forward to incorporating the results.


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